Bespoke Process
Pattern Cutting
The paper pattern cut-out is outlined on the selected fabric and then cut. Care is taken to leave enough inlay margins to facilitate any alteration.
Marking Up
The marking up process is basically the first rough cut of the suit, carefully done by hand. Here the suit cut-out is fitted with canvas, linen and other required materials to give it shape, and readied for the first fitting.
First Fitting
The first fitting allows the craftsman to make alterations to the suit as per your posture. The garment is then taken apart, re-cut according to the new adjustments and given to the tailor to be stitched for the next fitting.
Second Fitting
All alterations and adjustments are carried out, giving you a perfectly fitting suit. Some more specifications are checked, like the break over shoe, trouser seat, drape, neck point and cuff size.
Final Fitting
Your suit is now ready for the final fitting. As you approve of the fine cut and exquisite fit, we give you suggestions on how to maintain the look and care for your new suit.